"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

NPD and Packaging: Grain-Free Dog Food.

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Grain free dog foods

The dog food market is a very crowded market, however working with Pooch & Mutt we found a huge gap in the market.

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Positivity in Business

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This article by Guy Blaskey was originally published under the title “Positivity in the Pet Trade” in Pet Business World News in August 2014.


There seems to be a movement going on in the world, powered by the internet, to basically be a little bit more positive. I don’t know if this movement has come about as a reaction to the economic crisis or not… personally I don’t think it has, even though a lot of people involved in it do. I think that there have always been good, positive people in the world, and now via blogs, podcasts, instagram etc they are free to express their basic ‘goodness’.

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GOLD Winner at European Design Awards

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Pooch & Mutt treat packs with GOLD at the European Design Awards

To read more about the design click: www.xoxx.co.uk/index.php/2013/06/21/packaging-design-dog-treats/

To read more about the European Design Awards click: www.europeandesign.org/ed-awards/

Marketing knowledge

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This article originally appeared in ‘Over The Counter’ Magazine – a trade publication for the veterinary sector

Your knowledge is a vital marketing asset

This is the first in a series of article that I will be writing about marketing for OverTheCounter magazine. I have written similar articles over the last few years for publications including Pet Product Marketing and Pet Business World News, as well as presenting talks on the same subject at conferences such as PATS and BETA.

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How the world’s best marketing minds can help your store

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This talk by XOXX’s Guy Blaskey was filmed at PATS 2014

Stop working and start playing

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[This article by XOXX's Guy blaskey originally appeared in PBW News]

They say that if you find a job that you love then you will never work another day in your life.

This sentiment was backed up for me in Mark Rowlands’ latest book “Running with the Pack”. Mark Rowlands is a philosopher, runner and importantly a dog lover. Running with the Pack beautifully combines these three elements of his life. In the book he talks about the difference between work and play. Essentially play is when we do something for it’s own enjoyment, whereas work is when we do something for a ‘reward’ later on. So if we run because we enjoy it then it is play, but if we run to improve a marathon time it becomes work. If we walk our dogs for the enjoyment of walking and spending time with our dogs then it is play, but if our only motivation to walk our dogs is to stop them either getting overweight or to stop them having too much energy in the home then this becomes work.

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The 5 (or 6) Legs of online

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[This article originally appeared in PBW News]

I recently watched a talk by Martin Sorell, chairman of WPP, the world’s largest advertising/ marketing group. He spoke about the 5 legs of digital media; search, display advertising, video, social and mobile. Personally I would add in email to this.

The reason that I thought this was worth mentioning is that a lot of people with small independent businesses think (or are told) things like ‘why not do something online?’, ‘you should be on facebook’ or something similar. I would agree that most shops and companies should be online and should probably have a facebook group… but there are many things that you can do online and in my view you are better to do one of these well, than do lots of them badly. I thought that it would be worthwhile to do an introduction to each:

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Sell me this pen

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sell me this pen

[This article was originally published in PBW News in March 2014]

If you haven’t seen Martin Scorsese’s latest film, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, yet you should. Mainly because it’s a great film. At first glance you might not think that a film about a corrupt New York stock broker who ends up in jail is going to offer a lot in terms of advice for the pet trade, but the film is about a sales guy and sales (directly or indirectly) is what we all do.

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Packaging Design: Pooch & Mutt treats

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dog treat packaging design

The dog treat market is very crowded with a lot of very similar, and not very healthy, options available.

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Euromonitor report

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OUTLOOK PET FOOD Euromonitor Lee Linthicum pdf
Found at ebookbrowse.com


As you can see a lot of our work is in the pet market. This Euromonitor report makes very good reading for anyone in that industry