6 Essential WordPress plugins

If you’re website is running on WordPress (and if it is an information led site then we recommend that it is) here are 6 plugins that you should be using:

1) All in one SEO

Adding this plug in gives you a box, like the one in the pic below, in the editor for all your posts and pages. Using this you can enter the page title (which shows at the top of the web page), a description (the lines under the heading in a google search) and keywords (one of the things that google looks for). If you want the pages of your site to be found in online searches then you need All in one SEO.

2) Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics allows you to see hoe many people have visited your site, how they found it, how long they stayed on it, what they looked at and a whole lot more. You need to set up a google account/ add analytics to your google account by visiting Google Analytics and then use this plugin to add the analytics code to your website.

3) Google XML sitemaps

This plugin tells google what pages you have on your site by automatically building a map that google can read. The plugin constantly updates the sitemap and lets google know about the new pages/ posts that you add. Once you install the plugin it will generate a sitemap that will be at the URL www.yoursitesname.com/sitemap.xml you need to log in to Google Webmaster Tools, set up your site in there and add the sitemap URL, which google will then verify.

4) FB Like button

This adds a Facebook “like” button to your posts. If people click this a link to your page will come up of their facebook, which all their friends will see. Hopefully they will then visit your site. The online ticket seller eventbrite.com reports that each facebook like that they get is worth £1.60 in additional revenue, which shows how important they can be. Also the search engine Bing puts pages with more likes (especially likes from your friends) higher in their search results – expect more search engines to be doing this in the future.

5) Tell a friend

This adds the box that you will see at the bottom of this post, which enables people to share the post on facebook, twitter, blogger, delicious, stumbleupon, by email and in many other ways. All this does is make your content easier for people to share with others, but don’t underestimate how important this is. The easier it is for people to share your content, the more they will share it, which means you will get more visits/ readers/ customers etc.

6) Contact me

This is the least essential of the essential plugins. It adds the contact button you can see to the right of this page. This button is customisable – you can change the position, colour, text etc. This is free to use, but you can pay extra for ContactMe to save the emails. If you go for the free version (which we do) it just sends an email to your email address. This is not essential for everyone, but if you want people to get in touch when they visit your site it is highly recommended.