K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple Stupid was always drummed in to me in my time working in marketing and advertising agencies, along with well-known sayings like “Throw me one tennis ball and I will catch it, but throw me three and I will drop all three”.

In an ‘always-on’, connected world where we are all so easily distracted, simplicity is more important than ever. Customers and potential customers don’t have time to think, they need to know what you are offering within seconds. If you want your message to go viral then peopl
e have to both understand it and be able to share it within seconds, and when it is shared people have to be able to get it within a millisecond as they scroll through their Instagram or Facebook feed.

Picasso’s ‘The Bull’, pictured above is the model that is apparently used at Apple to teach people to think like Steve Jobs. At each stage more is taken away and the picture becomes more and more simplified. When you get to the end it’s just lines…. But anyone looking at it still gets that it is a bull. This is the challenge we face in our marketing; how can we get to the point where our message is as simple and clear as it possibly can be, with nothing superfluous to distract.

Plus, at Pooch & Mutt, we love Picasso, as he was a dog lover too, with a cute daschund called lump, who is the subject of a few equally simplistic pieces of art.