What is XOXX? Is it a blog? is it a company website? is it a brand?

XOXX can mean anything, or be anything, that’s why I chose the name. It is a combination of the work done by my creative agency (Flint Creative – now known as XOXX for added simplification/ confusion), my work from previous agencies, some random ideas, some things I think are good, some things that I think are bad and possibly some other stuff.


Most of the things on XOXX are written about or created by me, Guy Blaskey. I have worked in the creative industries in London (and a little bit in Paris) for over a decade on a vast range of brands from established FMCGs to startups, from the glamourous to the extremely functional. As well as working as an account director I have directed TV commercials, directed and produced photoshoots (of one which earned me a gold record), created brands, designed websites (one of which won a Daily Mail award), developed new products, designed packaging (that has been featured in ‘the best of packaging design’ books) and a whole lot more. I have even appeared on TV as a ‘brand consultant’ and in a few design/ advertising magazines (and quite a lot of pet ones).


I created this site for a few reasons. To get ideas out there and see what happens with them, to showcase different types of work in one place, for fun and to tout myself out as a consultant. Because of my varied experience, expertise and contacts I often get involved with projects to help out with generating ideas, helping to decide if existing ideas are good/ can be improved, helping to make ideas a reality or simpler things like online buying processes, SEO, design, marketing etc.

Also, people keep asking me questions like “how can I set up a quick/ cheap website” / “how do I get social media working with my site” so I set up the tips section so that I can send people to pages instead of re-writing the same email to lots of different people.


As well as working in the creative industries I have launched by own customer-facing company, Pooch & Mutt. This has enabled me to test different marketing strategies and closely monitor results. I have learnt to create a lot more from a lot less and how to get the most out of any budget available. I have learnt what ROI really means – you do when it’s your own cash on the line! Most importantly I have learnt how creative thinking can improve all aspects of business, and understand why people get frustrated going to advertising creatives for ad ideas, packaging designers for packaging ideas, PRs for PR ideas when what they really want is to go to people and say is, “I have £xxxxx to spend and I want it to make me more money, what do I do?”. Answering that question and making the answer happen is the service I provide.


I am currently based in London, but travel and work internationally.


Whenever you like, just get in touch.

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