Charity idea:

This idea was created for an OpenIdeo challenge

A website where schools can post links to things that they need and people can go on their and buy for them.

One of the main barriers for people giving to charity is that they do not know where their money goes, and are not sure that it is always put to a good cause.

With schools can post links to the items that they need. They can even rank them by urgency of need – This means that the schools are getting what they want, not things that they don’t. Having the right equipment is essential for getting the best education.

Donating to can be done in a few ways:
– The most simple is that you can just go on and buy when you are feeling generous.
– People could also set up monthly direct debits. The money would go into their account on so if they give £5 per month, they could then save up for a £50 item over 10 months
– Group buying/ contributions; If a school need a laptop then you could contribut what you can afford (from your account). When there are enough contributions the goods are then bought.
– Fundraising: Can be done offline and throught charity sites like – So if you are doing a run and collecting money for charity, you can collect the money in – the funds go to your account. You can then choose what you want to buy for what schools on write to all the people that have sponsored you and tell them what they have contributed to i.e. a laptop for school X or a set of books for school Y. This will make the people who sponsored you feel better, and they will be likely to use the same method next time they are doing a race for charity.

(BTW. There is no reason that this concept could not be extended to a variety of different charities in different countries – such as orphanages in African, gorilla rescue in Rawanda)