Good Stuff: D&AD 10

D&AD 2010, the Best Advertising and Design in the World

The D&AD annual is the most important creative book in the world. It lists all the winners of D&AD awards and there is some amazing, inspirational work in there.

For those that don’t know the D&AD Pencil is the award that most creatives want to get more than any other. Agencies will say that the IPAs are important as they show the effectiveness of the work (and they are right), people love the Cannes Lions – you get a trip to Cannes! but the awards that the creative people put at the top of their CVs is the D&AD.

D&AD 10 shows all the award winners from 2010. Who should read it? Anyone involved in marketing, in any medium, at any level. Not only will it show you incredible work, it will also show you that you don’t have to be a big brand, with a big budget to do it.

Whilst it does contain a lot of high budget work for high budget brand like Adidas, Mastercard and Honda, there is also some amazing low-budget, incredibly impressive work like the stationery designs for Kern (who make some of the world’s most accurate weighing scales) which depicts the exact wight of the card, paper or envelope you are holding or the ADT Alarms campaign printed on boarded up windows, as they would be after a break in.

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