Good Stuff: Baby Carrots

We’re always on the look out for good stuff, stuff that makes you think, “I would never have thought of that… and I really like it”.

A campaign that fits perfectly into that category is the Baby Carrots “Eat ’em like their junk food” campaign created by Crispin, Porter and Bogusky for ‘a bunch of carrot farmers’.

The campaign brilliantly includes ‘extreme packaging’ (above), some great self-reflecting¬†extreme ads (see below), a you tube channel with ‘muchies’series, an iPhone and lots of social media work in facebook and twitter.

This campaign is for baby carrots (obviously), but it is also about healthy snacking and if you look at all the other campaigns that have tried to promote healthy snacking you can clearly see that this is lightyears ahead of anything else. There is nothing preachy, nothing actually about health… it’s fun, it gets people talking and it would get you eating baby carrots.

In my humble opinion it’s genius!

Check out the Baby Carrots website at

Check out more of the ads and the ‘Muchies’ series at