brand consultant for hire

XOXX is available for hire for a few different services. Below the main services are outlined. If you have any other ideas of thing we can help with please get in touch at x@xoxx.co.uk.



Talks can be on any length and either a small event/ workshop on their own or part of a larger event. Talks can range in length from 20 minutes to 2-3 hour workshops. Each talk is either created fresh or adapted for the new audience and/or industry sector. Bespoke subjects can be requested, below are some examples of previous subjects:

– From Brains to Brand: How to go from an idea in your head to a world class product

– What you can learn from the world’s best marketing minds

– How to use social media to build your brand, reputation and sales

– Growth; how to plan for growth and deal with bigger clients



Consultancy covers a wide range of possibilities; brand consultancy, design consultancy, business consultancy, growth consultancy and much more. We see consultancy less as doing something for you and more as helping you to do things for yourself (doing things for you falls more into the categories below). Out consultancy is normally done in face-to-face sessions, either over a few hours, or a day at a time. Consultancy normally takes a few sessions, obviously the number of sessions and length of time depends on the project. At the end of each session you will be given tasks to be completed before the next session.


New Product Development

XOXX works with both existing manufacturers and new entrepreneurs to develop new products. The process includes examining manufacturing/ outsourcing capabilities, identifying the gap in the market and the target audience, identifying the best route to market, developing the product, brand and packaging and creating a launch and marketing strategy. We can either work on the whole process from end to end, or any individual part of the process.



Most articles that XOXX produces are for trade magazines, we are also open to write for consumer publications, larger websites and brands (when relevant). Each article is bespoke and one-off. Subjects are usually around business, marketing, product development and design… although they can go more ‘off-piste’ into subject areas including health & fitness and mindfulness.


Branding, design and packaging

This is probably XOXX’s most simple offering. If you need a brand look designing, we can do it. If you need packaging designed, you are looking in the right place! Although we have won awards for design, that is not our main aim. We understand design from a business perspective. As well as creating designs that look great, we create designs that make products and services sell.



The primary person who will deliver the talks, write articles, work on strategy, products and design is Guy Blaskey.  As well as being the primary person at XOXX Guy is; Founder of Pooch & Mutt, Marketing director at Blue Chip Feed, Trustee in Charge of Marketing at The Dog Rescue Federation, Winner of The European Design Awards for packaging, a finalist in the Grocer New Product Awards, Winner of the SMARTA Made in Britain award and a finalist in GB Entrepreneur of the year.



To find out more about hiring Guy and XOXX email either guyblaskey(at)gmail(dot)com or x@xoxx.co.uk