Packaging Design: Blue Chip Feed Balancers

feed balancer packaging design

The Blue Chip feed balancer packs were re-designed as part of an overhaul of the packaging of the full Blue Chip range, designed to promote cross-sell across the range.

On the previous packs (which we designed) each product had it’s own logo based on a variation of the horse’s head logo. With more and more products being added to the range this was starting to look messy. We wanted to give a more synergistic look to the whole range in order to promote cross-sell between the range, so focussed on using the same logo in a dominant format on all the packaging.

This logo is used on the promotional clothing and in many other places, so it makes sense to make it more dominant.

We developed icons to go on each product which serve many functions. Firstly they tell you very clearly what each product does, secondly they help to differentiate between the products and thirdly they help to show the reasons and benefits of going for the different levels of products in the range – in a very simple way the everyday pack has 5 icons, whilst the professional has 6 icons. This simple fact helps to explain that you get more in the Pro product, which you need  if you have high performance horse.

We created a loyalty card, which is printed on the back of the sacks, as well as being downloadable from the website. Loyalty points are available across the range of products to promote cross sell. This program has been a huge success.

We also created