Packaging Design: Pooch & Mutt treats

The dog treat market is very crowded with a lot of very similar, and not very healthy, options available.

With Pooch & Mutt we developed a new range of treats, each with specific, functional benefits built on their knowledge of active ingredients.

The treats are all ethical, baked, natural, low-calorie and gluten free. The 7 varieties are:

– Calm & Relaxed includes chamonile and l-Tryptophan. They are  designed to be given before stressful situations such as visits to the vets, car journeys, fireworks, competitions, separation or just as a nice bedtime treat.

– Brain & Train includes gingko biloba and medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil). Designed to help memory and concentration, they are for both elderly dogs and dogs in training.

– Digestion & Wind includes parsley, charcoal and chicory (a natural prebiotic) to help digestion, bloating and flatulence.

– Active mobility includes linseed, rose hip (rosa canina) and yucca. This can be fed on it’s own or in conjunction with glucosamine-based joint supplements like Pooch & Mutt’s Mobile Bones.

– Fresh breathincludes peppermint, parsley and chicory. This combination of ingredients both gives the breath a fresh, minty scent and aids digestion, which can be the cause of bad breath.

– Puppy development includes linseed and chicory to provide omega 3 fatty acids to help brain development and trainability and a natural prebiotic to aid digestion.

– Charity Chicken. his has no ‘active’ ingredients. It is simply a very high quality, natural, baked chicken treat. The benefit of Charity Chicken. is that 10p per pack sold will go to dog charities.

The packs were designed to be as simple as possible,the process was more about what didn’t need to be on the front, rather than what did. Unlike the other Pooch & Mutt products the logo is not on the front and the name are very descriptive of what the product does. This was for maximum impact as these products were designed to sell themselves off the shelves – not to be backed by an advertising campaign.

The dog’s face icon on the front of the pack was designed to be a generic dog; if you have a big dog you think it’s a big dog, if you have a small dog you think it’s a small dog. This gives the product more of a mass-appeal than if it were to feature a specific breed. He is also supposed to look cute… which makes you like the product.

We chose tubes for the packaging, because as well as looking great you can use them as a ‘rattle’ with the treats inside. Dogs associate the rattle with getting a treat, so this becomes integral to the training process. This is not only a benefit to the customer, but also a benefit to Pooch & Mutt as it aids repeat purchase rates.

The treats are now available in Waitrose and will soon be available in Pets at Home, Musti Ja Mirri (Finnish eqivalent of Pets at home) and the best vets and pet stores.

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