Packaging Design, Product Development & Advertising: Pooch & Mutt Slimmin’ Tonic

Weight loss supplement for dogs

Slimmin’ Tonic is the weight loss supplement for dogs from Pooch & Mutt.

XOXX was involved in all aspects of the product development for Slimmin’ Tonic (with the exception of the nutrition side of the development) including:

  • Identifying a gap in the market
  • Developing the name and brand
  • Developing the packaging
  • Creating the webpage
  • Packshots & imagery
  • Creating the advertising

Identifying the gap in the market was easy, over 50% of the dogs in the UK are overweight, we worked with Pooch & Mutt to look at solutions to this, taking our lead from the multiple weight loss supplements available for humans, we then handed over to the Pooch & Mutt nutritionists to create a product that works.

The working name for the product was “Skinny Bitch”, which we trademarked for Pooch & Mutt. However we decided the some  Pooch & Mutt customers may take offense to this, that vets may not feel comfortable recommending it, that some people may think it was just for female dogs (bitches) and we contacted a major pet retailer who said they may have trouble stocking it. So we changed the name to Slimmin’ Tonic, which is instantly memorable because it sounds similar to Gin ‘n’ Tonic and gives the product the benefit of doing “exactly what it says on the tin”. We tested the names for Pooch & Mutt with the Pooch & Mutt facebook group, which we developed for them.

We opted to package the product differently to the two existing powdered Pooch & Mutt supplements, because the price point is different and we thought that having it in the same packaging could confuse. We opted for an off-the-shelf pack that we could label, as opposed to printed packaging, as with all new products the initial runs are relatively small. We chose a 250ml pot, which gave the customer 160g – approximately 1 month’s supply for an average dog. The packaging uses an illustration done at XOXX with a dog and a tape measure, to show this is a weigh loss product. The colours, fonts and design match the existing products which we designed for Pooch & Mutt, with the colour purple used as the unique identifying colour for this product.

dog weight loss supplement icon

We created the web page on the site that we had already developed for Pooch & Mutt. This page allows Pooch & Mutt to sell directly to their customer via the e-commerce solution that we developed. We fully optimised the page for search engines and set up an AdWords campaign to deliver paid-for traffic to the page from google. In addition we narrowed the effects of the 16 active ingredients into 3 distinct actions; Fat burning, Muscle Development and Appetite reduction. We then positioned the product as ‘Triple-Action” as developed an icon and copy based around this for use on the website and in advertising.

We created the standard packshot of the product, but knew that there would be a problem with people not knowing how big the pack is. We created an additional shot using a tape measure wrapped around the pot. This gives the product scale, reflects the tape measure in the illustration on the label and immediately identifies it as a weigh loss product.

The initial advertising below is for Dog World, the UK’s best selling show dog paper. The audience is slightly older and more traditional and they are very knowledgeable about dogs and dog nutrition. They are key to the success of the product as they are key influencers in this market place. Because of this we created a relatively serious ad, which both educates and informs the reader, so that even if they don’t have the use for it they have the information necessary to recommend it to someone who does.

Weight loss supplement for dogs advertising