NPD and Packaging: Grain-Free Dog Food.

The dog food market is a very crowded market, however working with Pooch & Mutt we found a huge gap in the market.

Many supermarket dog foods are cheap and made with low-quality ingredients. Historically the higher priced dog foods are based on similar low-quality base ingredients, with added ‘functional’ ingredients, targeted at at specific conditions, such as joint problems.

The growth in the dog food market in recent years has been in foods with high quality ingredients; foods bad with no grains and with a high percentage of meat. However, until we developed this new food range with Pooch & Mutt there no high quality grain-free foods with active ingredients with functional benefits. At launch there are 5 products in the range

Move Easy: Grain-free dog food for dogs with mobility problems

Calm & Relaxed: Grain-free dog food to help calm dogs

Slim & Slender: Grain free weight-loss dog food 

Fresh Breath: Grain-free dog food to improve dog’s breath

Digestion & Wind: Grain-free dog food to help digestion


Within weeks of launching the foods were available as far away as Singapore and Hong Kong. In the UK there is limited availability through Waitrose, and full availability on, and