Press Advertising & PR: Blue Chip Original

Blue Chip Advertising

This is a recent ad that we have done for Blue Chip Feed. This is nothing new, we do a lot of ads for Blue Chip. What was amazing was the reaction.

If you look at at the picture in the bottom left corner you will see that the white “sock” on the horses foot switches from the right to the left leg between the before and after photos. The reason for this is quite simple. the picture is flipped (so it is a mirror image). This is how the picture was sent in by the customer and it emphasizes the difference, so we left it as it was.

This led to an unprecedented amount of emails and calls to the Blue Chip office, a few comments on the facebook wall and a 3 page discussion on the Horse & Hound forum. People were claiming that we cheated by using a different horse in the before and after pictures. This in itself would have been an amazing achievement, as the horses look so similar.

The Horse and Hound forum was a great example of social media at work. One person went out and took a pic of her horse, then flipped it to show exactly what had happened – she also made clear that she did not use any Blue Chip products, so was completely impartial.

We did re-issue the ad with the horse flipped back and, in order to benefit from the controversy over the ad issued this press release.

The press release is titled “Blue Chip is Unbelievable” and included lines like “with products as good as ours that really do make a difference, it is understandable that people cannot believe how much these horses have improved and therefore assume it cannot be the same horse“.

Some companies get scared when they get complaints about their ads, but (as long as you haven’t done anything wrong) a bit of controversy can be a marketing gem.