Product idea: The ClothesChair™

This is just an idea – but we think it’s a good one.

What is it? It is called the ClothesChair™. Mainly aimed at bachelors, who possibly come home late, wearing a suit. At the moment many of these people will place/ throw their jacket over the back of a standard chair and trousers can get thrown wherever. This is not good for the lifetime of the suit, or the way it will look the next day.

Features: The back of the chair perfectly fits a suit jacket, in the same way as coat hanger would. Both arms are both perfect to hang trousers over and the s-bend even allows you to hang other clothes, such as shirts and socks. The s-bend in the arms also acts as a king of ‘suspension system’ for the chair – allowing you to rock backwards and forwards, when you are using the ClothesChair™ for its other purpose – sitting.

Product materials: The sketch above is clearly very rough – we see the pencil-shaded area being made from heavy duty leather ad the biro-lines being made of chrome-coated strengthened-steel.

If you like this idea, let us know. And if you know anyone who’d be interested in producing it tell them to get in touch.

copyright flint creative 2010