Promotional idea: Pre-donated tents

promotional idea - tent brand

Thousands of tents are left behind at festivals every year. There are some organisations that help to clear these up and get them donated to good causes, such as The Breywood Rotary who collect the tents from the V festival and there are organisations like The Big Tent Recycle who are or trying to set up recycle point at festivals, but the people who have the power to make this work properly are the tent manufacturers themselves.

Tents now retails for about £20 and cost about £5 to produce. For festival goers they have become disposable items. After 3 days at a festival, for the sake of £20, people don’t want to pack up their tents, they would rather leave them. Thousands and thousands of tents are left at festival sites every year.

This means that thousands and thousands of tents of new tents are purchased every year. If you are a tent manufacturer or retailer you will be looking for ways to get people to buy your tent over others. People have tried different options, like tents with built in solar panels or with designer graphics. This is better, it is a tent with philanthropy built-in, and that appeals to the modern festival goer more than solar pannels… and it cost the same to make, and sell!

The idea.

A tent manufacturer produces tents that people can customise saying what festival they were at, their names etc. They organise with top festival organisers that they collect the tents at the end of the festival and donate them to international aid/ disaster relief charities.

How is this economically viable?

– The tent manufacturer could become the official tent supplier to the festival as there is a good reason for the festival to promote the brand. People would buy their other gear for the festival at the same time as the tent, so the company could profit from the incidental sales too. This makes the idea better for store own-brand tents, which is what most cheaper tents for this use are.

– There is a huge amount of PR value in this. It would get acres of coverage, not just from the initial phase, but also up to the final stages where the tents are donated and are pictured helping people in disaster zones.

– It is extremely good for a company’s corporate social responsability.

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