The fortune of Marcus Demeter: A Short Gothic Novel

‘The Fortune of Marcus Demeter’ is a short gothic novel, written by XOXX under the pseudonym G.E. Blakesley. Read the extract below and buy the complete work on Amazon.

The fortune of Marcus Demeter: A Short Gothic Novel

As we approach the dawn of the 1900s I approach the twilight of my years. My life has been, what most would call, idealistic. After graduating from university I found my calling working as a clerk for a reputed firm of lawyers. Through hard work and study over many years I gained partnership in the firm. At the age of twenty-four I was married to my beautiful Elizabeth, whose company I enjoyed until only last year when she was taken from me and this world. Elizabeth blessed me with two children of whom I am extremely proud, Jane the eldest, and the image of her mother is happily married and living with her husband and my two grandchildren in the north of England. Jacob, I am pleased to say has followed his father’s footsteps and is working as a barrister. He is, as yet unmarried, but I am reliably informed that he is regarded as somewhat of a cad by the ladies of London society.
I tell you these facts simply to show that, in spite of the tale I will soon divulge, I have led a relatively simple and happy life. Through my work I have, as all lawyers have, witnessed more than my fair share of atrocities, but there is only one story that I feel I cannot take to the grave with me. No one alive knows the truth behind the tale except I. At the time of its occurrence there were many theories, but none came even close to the truth, and if they did they would have been instantly discarded for being too far fetched. This is not too say that there were no far fetched theories at the time, I heard tales ranging from those of avenging Atlantean demons to those of insane royalty, however I heard nothing that approached the truth.

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