Learning from Allan Leighton

Today, thanks to www.merchantadventurersclub.co.uk I had the great pleasure and privilege to have breakfast with UK business legend Allan Leighton. Over the course of a few hours and some sausages and bacon, and in a select group of 16 people that included the founders of Innocent, Joseph & Joseph and Graze, I heard some fastic tips. Below are they few that I managed to get written down. I hope you find them useful and interesting:

Focus on Brain count not head count

Businesses don’t die, people kill them

Work with people, not for people

50% of brains are female, and all brains are the same colour on the inside

Talk with people, not at people

It’s not what you say, it is what people do with the information

Listen to hear, not to respond

Respect is not something you earn. It is something you give.

Businesses die because of complacency and arrogance

Followship, not leadership, be the kind of leader that you would follow

No plan survives the first encounter; be adaptable

Operators know best

Do your job. Don’t worry about others

Freedom is created by profit