TV ad + Posters: Maxim

The campaign for Maxim focussed on their “little black book” a supplement of Maxim women that you can send texts to to try and get a date. The whole campaign was designed to generate to get our target audience talking

The TV ad was deliberately created to cause controversy. The first ad in TV history to feature two men kissing. It was based on the premise that they needed to get rid of their girlfriends so they could date the maxim girls. We made 2 versions of the ad, the one below for post-watershed and a pre-watershed version to capture the ‘hang-over TV’ audiences of Hollyoaks and Soccer AM.

We produced a different poster for every major UK city, featuring a girl from that city that locals could vote for. Our planners worked out that by doing this, the word of mouth effect produced by people knowing or recognising the girl in the poster made the advertising over 30 times more effective.

Some girls were so happy with their posters they had to let us… and the Maxim reader know.