Viral Marketing: Turin Brakes Music Player

online music player design

This is an online music player we made back in 2003 at Stunning.

Virgin music came to us and asked for ideas on how they could promote the Turin Brakes album and promote festival appearances.

They had video footage we could use and the tracks – but they didn’t want them to be downloadable.

I had a look at the album itself and the knob that forms part of the graphic above was on one of the pages of the CD sleeve. My idea was simple – make this knob live and working. So that is what we did, on a flach microsite that was emailed out to the Turin Brakes fanbase… it then went viral.

As you can see in the bottom left you can also see the videos, festival dates, links to buy the album and promos for the new single.

This was a great success, and for something online was very tactile.

Unfortunately it is no longer online… it is 8 years old! But it is still relevant today – fans would still love it!